How do I find a muralist

How do I find a muralist?

You want a mural but don't know where to start. Well welcome to this segment on finding an artist to be your muralist!

So you are a property owner or have permission to throw paint on your walls and you want something creative, stunning, and unique to you... Obvious answer is that you need a muralist! But where to find one...

I present four easy methods, but we all have to start somewhere so here they are:

Number 1:

Have you seen a mural on the side of a building that you like the style of? Ask the building owner or businesses in the building if they know who the artist is and if they know how to contact them.

Number 2:

If you know a painter who paints on canvas and you like their style, see if you can commission a mural from them. Canvas vs wall paintings have different logistics but when it comes down to it, they know how to paint and you like their style. Please refer them to this article ("First Timer: Painting a mural") to ensure a successful first time painting!

Number 3:

Reach out to your city's local arts organization! They probably know at least 10 muralist off the top of their head, if not more.

Number 4:

Place a call for art proposals through your local arts organization's websites and on social media! Local arts organizations can help you out with that or if you need extra guidance through the entire process from submissions to decisions, painting, and final invoices to close out with, then hire an arts contract. You can also contract an arts liaison. Hire one here!

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