Is that a pork chop? Half a chestnut? No. But if you want to play inkblots with this pin, be my guest! For the rest of us, we are in the know and we are proud. In my artistic practice, I do include very yonic design elements into my work. This design came about when I carved this design into a stamp to literally leave my stamped mark.

I encourage you too, to leave your mark, and share in your own pride of self, of where you came from, and as an honor to others.

A dollar from every sale of this pin will be donated to Planned Parenthood for their phenomenal healthcare services. On my website, and social media sites; Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, I plan to share the progress and numbers of each donation! 

Specifics: Each pin is about 1.5 inch long and .75 inch wide. The pin back and cap are attached  on and ready to go.

Vagina Print Pin

SKU: 0002