I am a diverse media visual artist focused on womanhood narratives. I expose myself, other female bodies and bodily functions, along with external objects in relation to the female form. Through exposure, it normalizes these everyday topics surrounding women’s lives that are regularly stigmatized. My work aims to desexualize the body.


I work with 3-dimensional objects in order to create a direct connection between my sculptures, and the bodies of my viewers and other bodies around them. My sculptural works become anchoring points in the viewer’s reality. And much like my sculptures utilize an element of space, the methodicalness in which I approach creating also evokes an element of time. The carefully thought through placements of features on my work points towards a sense of repetitive action, which informs the viewer of the amount of time that goes into each art piece. When it comes to materials, Human hair is something that finds frequent use in my sculptures. The idea of, “this was once on another living human being,” gives my work life of a sort. There is a connection to be made between the artwork I have created, and the actual, anonymous person whom I have acquired this hair from.